They Worked Wonders on a Messy Home

I desperately needed house cleaning for Singapore. My husband got a promotion and significant raise at work and some of the really senior people were flying in to meet with him. That’s great, but the downside is that we had to entertain them in our home. We have three children and you can imagine what that means when it comes to the house. Our home is quite messy. It’s impossible to keep up on it when I’ve got so many other chores to get done. Keeping the house clean is problematic under the best of circumstances.

Entertaining at home meant I would have even less time to get around to the cleaning because I would be expected to prepare a dinner for everyone coming over. I asked my husband if we could employ the services of a home cleaning company and he gladly agreed. So I went online and looked through my options. I really needed a professional outfit, and I needed them to come out right away. I thought I would have problems getting them to arrive on the same day. I couldn’t have been more wrong. They listened to what I needed and agreed to send someone over right away.

The crew arrived and set to work. I have to say I’m impressed with how quickly they worked. They had a list with them when they came and then separated to tackle the various areas of the home. In no time at all the mess started to disappear and a beautiful, clean house emerged from the rubble! They were done quite quickly and on their way. The only problem I had now was to make sure the kids didn’t destroy all the progress they made. I made them go over to a friend’s home until the dinner was over. Everything went off without a hitch.