The Saltwater Pool Got Our Attention, and the Rest of the Amenities Got Us to Sign the Lease

My wife and I visited some friends who live in an apartment that has a saltwater pool. We both liked swimming in it. Now that was not the only reason for our move to a new apartment, but it was one of the things on our long list. We decided on the Overton Rise apartments. You can click here to see all the features they have there. They not only have a saltwater swimming pool, it has a shelf for sunning that is surrounded by chairs. Much cooler than a sundeck. Also, you can pretty much step out of your apartment and get right into the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area or the Silver Comet Trail.

The clubhouse and the pool have Wi-Fi access. This is great when you telecommute. This is a modern place where everything has that clean and new look to it. I did not spot anything that was rundown or lacked maintenance. Our old place was really in bad shape, and moving here was a definite upgrade. We moved quickly after we visited the Overton Rise apartments to see what it is they have to offer.

Our apartment has oversize undermount stainless steel sinks and washer and dryer connections. We did not have a set to bring with us, so we got one of the apartments that had the washer and dryer included. This is truly an amenity that you want in your living space as even the people that have to use the laundromats do not want to. We could not wait to move after we signed the lease. We even sold our old furniture and bought new stuff to match the new look we wanted to have for our new home. And for the first time with apartment living, we were able to buy outdoor furniture for a private patio.