The Best Nail Work in the City

The Holland nail salon does the absolute best nail work in the city, in my humble opinion. I know this because my mother used to have a nail salon and I spent a lot of time there as a kid watching her do the work. I even learned enough about the procedure to do a few of the customers myself. I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I know more about the process than most customers. I can usually sit and watch someone start doing nails and immediately spot problems or improper techniques they’re doing.

Usually I do my own nails, but I decided to go to a salon and have them done because I got busy with other activities and didn’t have the time necessary to do my own nails. I went online to try and find the best place possible. I looked at reviews mostly because many customers will post pictures of their nails along with the text review and I can usually tell by looking at the pictures if it’s worth my time. What I saw were many badly done nails. I wondered if the customer knew how badly they looked. Probably not as they don’t know the correct technique.

Then I stumbled over a page for a salon that is actually right down the street. Every picture I saw of nails looked absolutely perfect. Seriously, they could have used any of those photos as archetypes of how your nails should look when coming out of a nail salon. I was intrigued enough to immediately walk down there to get mine done. Sure enough the people there knew exactly what they were doing and I walked out with nails that impressed even me. I liked the work so much I’m going to leave my own glowing review of their establishment online.