Started Looking at My TV Options

Obviously I am like most people I want to get more of everything and pay less than I should. I understand that the guy selling me this or that has his own interests. Just as clearly he is trying to give me as little as he can for the best price that he can get. The gist of this is that I am really sick and tired of Comcast in Jacksonville, NC and I am going to see what I can do to get something a whole lot less expensive. The service itself is quite good, but not relative to what it costs. It would be a good deal if the cost were about half of what I am paying. I get a pretty basic cable TV package and cable broadband internet. Both of them together are between 170 and 200 dollars per month. I gripe about them and they knock off a little to keep me from jumping ship. It always goes right back up in a couple of months.

I have just now started looking at my TV options and more particularly how I replace the internet service. It would be simple to get a better deal on TV. In fact I could probably get by without paying for TV if I tried hard enough and if I had a good Internet connection. You can get most of the stuff on TV off of the Internet, although it may not be easy and you may have to skirt the laws a bit to get some of the things. Obviously you might have to delay gratification, because everything will not be there immediately. I could easily get a cheap Direct TV package and that is what I am thinking is going to save me a real sum on TV. How I replace the Internet I have not quite figured out.