My Two Favorite Things at Our New Apartment Are Definitely Guy Related

This is going to sound funny. Well, maybe not if another guy is reading it. It is about when we move to a new place. We looked online and both really liked the Simpsonville apts. They are the Arbors at Fairview. I like the rooms and the really nice kitchen. The garages and the dog park is great too. However, there are two things that I really enjoy. The first one is the putting green, and the second one is the vacuum at the car washing area. Yes, it’s a guy thing. I can go outside with a putter and a few golf balls and work on my short game anytime I please. Then, when I wash the cars, I do not have to lug out any extension cords or a shop vac to clean the inside out. When you have kids, you know you will be doing a lot of car vacuuming.

The Simpson apts have a ton of amenities, but those are my personal favorites. Don’t get me wrong, I like the fitness center and the garbage pickup that comes to your door too. The landscaping on the walking paths is really nice too. We spend a lot of time walking for exercise, and the paths are nice. The inside of our apartment is really comfortable. Everything is new, and they have 24-hour emergency maintenance if you have a problem with anything. That is a really nice feature that ranks right up there with the putting green in my book.

My wife shows off the floors and the general floorplan of our house. She likes how she was able to decorate it to suit her own personal style. The kids are happy to each have their own rooms. That might actually be more beneficial than the putting green in the long run. Me? Well, you probably get where I am coming from. If I work all day and have to work Saturday too, then I can go outside for a little bit and knock some golf balls around the putting green. It’s lowered my handicap on the links.