I Made Sure That the Cleaning Process Was Carried out the Right Way

I had been interested in the possibility of moving into an apartment building that I drove past often. My lease would soon be up, so I stopped by the building to ask if they had any available units. As luck would have it, they did. But the previous tenant was a smoker and a pet owner, and the carpeting was a problem. The building manager promised they would have the carpeting professionally cleaned up. On moving day, I arrived and realized that he floors were not dealt with professionally at all. I realized I would need to find more info out myself on getting that taken care of.

I have asthma, so this means that I am very sensitive to things in my environment. A person can take a whiff of the air around them, and because they don’t seem to smell anything, they might deem the immediate area clean. But my asthma tells a very different picture. It flares up when things are not as clean as they should be, even if I can’t smell anything that seems offensive. The first few days in my new place was rough because my asthma flared up in a way that had not occurred in a couple of years. I knew I needed to remedy this quickly.

I ended up researching to find out what cleaning services were available in the immediate area and well known for being able to remove the stench of cigarette smoke and pet urine. I didn’t just need those things covered up with some sort of highly perfumed substance, I literally needed those things removed from the carpeting. I found a company that can do that. They have a process that involves a variety of steps to actually remove and neutralize, not just cover things up with various scents. My new landlord said they would pay for it, and I had it done. My carpeting is fresh now, and I’ve had no trouble with breathing freely since then.