Great Two-Story Apartments in North San Antonio Have Lots of Affordable Space

The living space search for apartment dwellers used to be an exercise in futility unless you had an unlimited budget. If you had that, then you would probably buy a piece of property and build a house. I was always trying to find the perfect balance between how much the rent was and satisfying the wants and desires for a place to live. I used to settle for places that were not very nice just to stay within my housing budget. The last time I looked for a place was when I looked for apartments in North San Antonio to live in.

I took my time with the search and the Woodbridge Apartments stood out very nicely for me. I was determined to live there. I looked at the floorplans at their website, and I found a nice apartment floorplan that was well within my budget. The website really made the place stand out to me. They even have resident activities that are planned. That is a really cool amenity. You can actually get opportunities to meet your neighbors. It is super valuable to have an investment like that in the place you live. It is what makes a real community.

The two swimming pools, controlled access for getting in and the business center are all perks I was looking for. I was only hoping for one swimming pool, and Woodbridge has two. No crowding! The inside of my apartment is beautiful. It is new and clean. I have two floors with a bathroom upstairs and a patio downstairs. It is a nice layout. It makes for a lot more space in an affordable apartment. It is a one-bedroom apartment, but it does not feel cramped at all. The closet in my apartment is huge. I had nothing like that where I used to live.