Escaping My Past by Finding My Own Apartment

Ever since I moved to knoxville pointe, I have seen the quality of my life improve dramatically. For the longest time I have been subject to the emotional and border line physical abuse by my father. It’s been difficult for me to escape him as his disability meant that he relied on me in many ways and the idea of abandoning him was so guilt inspiring that I was willing to allow him to emotionally abuse me for his sake. My mom finally convinced me to leave, just as she had to – my happiness is just as important as his and if I’m miserable trying to make him happy then I am never going to be able to grow as an individual. It was the hardest decision that I have ever made. It was made even harder because, at twenty years old, I have never known anything but living with my father.

I even felt kind of guilty being able to have my own place! I’m lucky enough to have a decent job testing websites which has allowed me to make sure that my father’s physical limitations are taken care of through an in home nursing service. At first I felt incredibly lonely – I didn’t even have enough stuff to fill all the rooms and the empty space just made it feel more desolate. After findingFreecycle online, which has helped me save a ton of money, I’ve slowly built something of a home ‘decor’ even if I apparently have no sense of style! Surprisingly, it’s been hard to make friends. Since my father was so dependent upon me, I rarely had the chance to make friends outside of school and even then I was unable to do the things normal kids might do like being involved in sports, camping or even just going to the movies. I’m excited that I’ve given myself this chance at being ‘normal’!