Inflammation Reduction is Key to Your Health

It took a visit to a Bakersfield chiropractor for me to realize how serious any type of inflammation is to the human body. I’m not done doing further research online about the seriousness of inflammation to a person’s overall health, but it seems like a sound conclusion. I went in for some work on my back and the chiropractor and I got to talking about how pain works and the result is that it’s always due to some sort of inflammation. Everything wrong with your health ultimately leads back to inflammation. It’s actually sort of a bombshell to realize it.

A mistake the medical profession often makes is treating a symptom and not the underlying cause, which is some sort of inflammation. Some people apparently believe that inflammation can cause cancers. Inflammation in your heart can cause heart attacks, and the number of bowel and intestinal issues caused by inflammation are too numerous to recount here. Needless to say, it’s important to make sure your nutrition is top notch. Continue reading Inflammation Reduction is Key to Your Health