Started Looking at My TV Options

Obviously I am like most people I want to get more of everything and pay less than I should. I understand that the guy selling me this or that has his own interests. Just as clearly he is trying to give me as little as he can for the best price that he can get. The gist of this is that I am really sick and tired of Comcast in Jacksonville, NC and I am going to see what I can do to get something a whole lot less expensive. The service itself is quite good, but not relative to what it costs. It would be a good deal if the cost were about half of what I am paying. Continue reading Started Looking at My TV Options

Online Information About Highland Apartments

At some point in the next couple weeks, I am going to have to move out of where I am staying, and so it would be in my best interests, if I were to go ahead and figure out where I am going to be staying next. I haven’t quite figured this problem out yet, and it seems like there are a few complicating factors that pose a problem for me. My friend sent me a link to click here for info on this one apartment complex, I guess it is the place that he lives, but he said that they have good prices on apartments and that I should check it out. So I decided I would do just that.

I am not a fan of moving. Continue reading Online Information About Highland Apartments

Escaping My Past by Finding My Own Apartment

Ever since I moved to knoxville pointe, I have seen the quality of my life improve dramatically. For the longest time I have been subject to the emotional and border line physical abuse by my father. It’s been difficult for me to escape him as his disability meant that he relied on me in many ways and the idea of abandoning him was so guilt inspiring that I was willing to allow him to emotionally abuse me for his sake. My mom finally convinced me to leave, just as she had to – my happiness is just as important as his and if I’m miserable trying to make him happy then I am never going to be able to grow as an individual. It was the hardest decision that I have ever made. Continue reading Escaping My Past by Finding My Own Apartment