Cleaning Up After a Broken Pipe

I was so glad to find because we had a problem with our bathroom. I noticed a problem with our toilet. It kept running even when no one had used it. I spent a fair amount of time trying to fix the problem, but the toilet kept running. I swapped out a few parts in order to try and fix the problem. Still the toilet kept running so I sort of accepted it. I shouldn’t have accepted it though because we soon had a serious problem. It was my fault because I didn’t duo the due diligence.

I’d swapped out a lot of parts, tightened them up when I saw a leak, and everything looked good. I wasn’t seeing pools of water so I thought I’d fixed the problem. And for a few months, it worked. The toilet worked fine and no one thought there would be a problem. My wife and I decided to take a trip out of the country and we left our apartment in the capable hands of a neighbor who we thought we could trust. Off we went on our cruise, but I soon got a phone call that alerted us to a problem.

Long story short the pipe broke and flooded the bathroom. What a mess! My wife found the site mentioned above and made a few calls to have them come out and clean up the mess. Of course we made sure the water got turned off first, and then they came in and worked their cleaning magic. By the time we came back from the trip the bathroom looked amazing. I called a plumber and he fixed the toilet and everything looks great now. If you’ve ever had a catastrophic problem in the house, hire this cleaning crew. They do amazing work!