My Two Favorite Things at Our New Apartment Are Definitely Guy Related

This is going to sound funny. Well, maybe not if another guy is reading it. It is about when we move to a new place. We looked online and both really liked the Simpsonville apts. They are the Arbors at Fairview. I like the rooms and the really nice kitchen. The garages and the dog park is great too. However, there are two things that I really enjoy. The first one is the putting green, and the second one is the vacuum at the car washing area. Yes, it’s a guy thing. I can go outside with a putter and a few golf balls and work on my short game anytime I please. Then, when I wash the cars, I do not have to lug out any extension cords or a shop vac to clean the inside out. When you have kids, you know you will be doing a lot of car vacuuming.

The Simpson apts have a ton of amenities, but those are my personal favorites. Don’t get me wrong, I like the fitness center and the garbage pickup that comes to your door too. Continue reading My Two Favorite Things at Our New Apartment Are Definitely Guy Related

My First Apartment After College

I first moved to Atlanta when I started college. Since then, I’ve graduated, and now it’s time for me to find my own apartment. Since I’m no longer a student, I can’t live in student housing anymore. Most of my friends are moving to one of the newer areas in Atlanta, so I decided to search for apartments for rent in 30318. That’s the ZIP Code of the area where I would like to live. This is one of the trendy areas that is up-and-coming in the area. I think that a lot of people like it because it’s really easy to get to where you want to go from that area. It’s close to shopping and attractions in the area.

When I told my friends that I was looking for apartments in the area, they got really excited. We’ve been really close ever since we started college, so I’m glad that will be living close to one another. Continue reading My First Apartment After College

Great Two-Story Apartments in North San Antonio Have Lots of Affordable Space

The living space search for apartment dwellers used to be an exercise in futility unless you had an unlimited budget. If you had that, then you would probably buy a piece of property and build a house. I was always trying to find the perfect balance between how much the rent was and satisfying the wants and desires for a place to live. I used to settle for places that were not very nice just to stay within my housing budget. The last time I looked for a place was when I looked for apartments in North San Antonio to live in.

I took my time with the search and the Woodbridge Apartments stood out very nicely for me. I was determined to live there. I looked at the floorplans at their website, and I found a nice apartment floorplan that was well within my budget. The website really made the place stand out to me. They even have resident activities that are planned. That is a really cool amenity. Continue reading Great Two-Story Apartments in North San Antonio Have Lots of Affordable Space

I Received a Pretty Good Deal on My New Place

I’m usually pretty bad about opening any email that comes to my personal email adresss very quickly. Sometimes I ignore it for a week or so. But that means I often miss out on interesting deals that I get at that address. I just happened to see an email from a local apartment complex with one of those click here for 50 percent off your first month of rent types of emails. I was actively looking for a new place, so I followed the link to find out more. The property is one that I had been planning to take a look at but hadn’t done so yet. The offer looked very appealing to me because the place looked so nice.

I ended up making a call that morning to look at one of the apartments on the website that I went to. I was hopeful but didn’t know for sure if it would be the exact property that I would end up renting from. However, none of the other places I had gone to had really appealed to me in a big way. I loved this place as soon as I pulled up and parked in the parking lot. Continue reading I Received a Pretty Good Deal on My New Place

The Saltwater Pool Got Our Attention, and the Rest of the Amenities Got Us to Sign the Lease

My wife and I visited some friends who live in an apartment that has a saltwater pool. We both liked swimming in it. Now that was not the only reason for our move to a new apartment, but it was one of the things on our long list. We decided on the Overton Rise apartments. You can click here to see all the features they have there. They not only have a saltwater swimming pool, it has a shelf for sunning that is surrounded by chairs. Much cooler than a sundeck. Also, you can pretty much step out of your apartment and get right into the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area or the Silver Comet Trail.

The clubhouse and the pool have Wi-Fi access. Continue reading The Saltwater Pool Got Our Attention, and the Rest of the Amenities Got Us to Sign the Lease

The Apartments Have Gotten a Lot Nicer

There are plenty of apartment complexes in the South Charlotte area. I knew this because I used to live there when I was younger. After graduating from high school, I moved north to go to college, and my parents ended up moving to Florida after retiring early. There was really no need for me to go back to South Charlotte, but I still felt the pull. It was my home for so long, and I still considered it home. That is why I did a search online for luxury apartments for rent in South Charlotte NC not that long ago.

I had been considering some different job offers, and I was excited when I saw that one of them was very close to where I grew up. I was in the suburbs, and this job was in the heart of town, so I only looked at the complexes that were close to where I would be working. I knew that the job was mine if I wanted it, so I just had to make sure I would have the perfect place to live, because I tend to spend a lot of time at home. Continue reading The Apartments Have Gotten a Lot Nicer

I Hurt My Back at Work

I have been doing a bunch of work in the shipping and receiving area this past week. They have two guys out for different reasons, one of them got in trouble with the law and he is serving thirty days in the county jail. At any rate this is our busy time of the year, when our customers are getting geared up for Christmas and there was a lot of work to do, a lot of it moving heavy stuff on and off of trucks. The boss recommended a Beverly Hills chiropractor when he saw me groaning. That did not really seem like a great idea, because I figured that he would have to charge a lot more than the one with less expensive real estate to pay rent on. It was not something that I really wanted to think too much about though. Continue reading I Hurt My Back at Work

She Can Run Circles Around Her Friends

When my mom told me she was going to a Cumming chiropractor twice a week, it concerned me. I had no idea why she was going, and the only thing I could think of was she had been hurt in an accident and did not tell me. She chuckled as she told me that I always did have the imagination, but that really did not appease me that much. I wanted to know what was going on, and that is when she told me that she was going just so she could feel better.

I had no idea what that even meant, because I thought she was feeling just fine. She told me that she had been feeling tired, and she had just thought that was part of getting old. When she talked with her friends at the senior citizen center about it though, they told her that they did not have that sudden onset of tiredness like she was explaining to them. Continue reading She Can Run Circles Around Her Friends

Changing to a More Responsive Physician

When my primary care physician could not see me for several weeks to get a mandatory physical exam for a volunteer opportunity I had signed up for, I was a bit frustrated. It made me wish again that I had a PCP that was closer to home instead of in such a big city where it can takes weeks to be seen. I was complaining to someone at work about it, and they told me to go to the M.G. Olde Town Clinic. Naturally, I had heard about this place, so I went to to see if they perform physical exams.

I thought that it was just a clinic for emergencies, so I was really surprised that it is a family practice too. It is on the other side of town from me, and I rarely drive past it, so it was not surprising that I did not know a lot about it. When I looked at the services that they do though, I knew that I was going to make a change to my healthcare team. Continue reading Changing to a More Responsive Physician

Making Pay Stubs Online is Easy

When I opened up my own coffee shop in town, it was mainly my husband and myself covering all the shifts. We were only open for 10 hours a day, six days a week, so it was not too horrible. Still, I was very relieved when we did so well that I was able to hire two workers part time. I was going to also hire a bookkeeper to help me with the payroll, but I knew I couldn’t afford that after getting a few quotes. That is why I went online and look for an instant paystub generator.

I had no idea if something like this even existed, but I figured that I would find at least something that would be more cost effective for me. What I found though was exactly what I did need. It was all I needed without the cost of a professional accountant or the expertise of one either. The reason I trusted this site to be accurate is because it was created by accountants. Continue reading Making Pay Stubs Online is Easy

Getting an Attorney for My Grandmother

I had to find a Sacramento criminal attorney that was worth his weight in gold not that long ago. I had no need to have one in my Rolodex, so I had no choice but to go online and look at the various attorneys in our city. I could not even ask one of my friends because none of them would ever have needed a criminal attorney either. I have a feeling that one day we will laugh about this, but I have a feeling it is going to be pretty far in the future!

What happened was my grandmother was arrested. This sweet little old lady who goes to church every Sunday and still volunteers at the outreach center when she is able to was arrested for selling drugs. I knew that there had to be some kind of mistake because she would never do anything like that. Continue reading Getting an Attorney for My Grandmother

I Made Sure That the Cleaning Process Was Carried out the Right Way

I had been interested in the possibility of moving into an apartment building that I drove past often. My lease would soon be up, so I stopped by the building to ask if they had any available units. As luck would have it, they did. But the previous tenant was a smoker and a pet owner, and the carpeting was a problem. The building manager promised they would have the carpeting professionally cleaned up. On moving day, I arrived and realized that he floors were not dealt with professionally at all. I realized I would need to find more info out myself on getting that taken care of.

I have asthma, so this means that I am very sensitive to things in my environment. Continue reading I Made Sure That the Cleaning Process Was Carried out the Right Way

A Very Romantic Anniversary Celebration

I was trying to decide what I wanted to do for my 20th anniversary. My wife means everything to me, and I wanted to make sure she felt like the most important person in the world on our special day. I found a link that said to click here for more info when I looked at some romantic options, and it helped me create the most memorable 20th anniversary night ever. It was a link to a limo company, and I knew that was the answer as soon as I saw the different limos on the page.

It was just a night for the two of us, as my sister already agreed to watch the kids for a few days. I decided to give my wife the full day, since she knew that she was going to be treated to something nice anyway. Continue reading A Very Romantic Anniversary Celebration

Started Looking at My TV Options

Obviously I am like most people I want to get more of everything and pay less than I should. I understand that the guy selling me this or that has his own interests. Just as clearly he is trying to give me as little as he can for the best price that he can get. The gist of this is that I am really sick and tired of Comcast in Jacksonville, NC and I am going to see what I can do to get something a whole lot less expensive. The service itself is quite good, but not relative to what it costs. It would be a good deal if the cost were about half of what I am paying. Continue reading Started Looking at My TV Options

Online Information About Highland Apartments

At some point in the next couple weeks, I am going to have to move out of where I am staying, and so it would be in my best interests, if I were to go ahead and figure out where I am going to be staying next. I haven’t quite figured this problem out yet, and it seems like there are a few complicating factors that pose a problem for me. My friend sent me a link to click here for info on this one apartment complex, I guess it is the place that he lives, but he said that they have good prices on apartments and that I should check it out. So I decided I would do just that.

I am not a fan of moving. Continue reading Online Information About Highland Apartments