Best Physics Tutoring in Singapore

Everything we are, everything we decide, and everything we could ever want to know is all encoded within the fundamentals of Physics. Our job as humans is to be the bridge that connects the realm of observation to the realm of reality at its truest, most underlying level. We can accomplish this goal by actively venturing out into the unknown. We can accomplish this goal by decoding the beautiful, seemingly complex, messages etched throughout the fabric of the universe. We can accomplish this goal through understanding physics. Physics doesn’t have to be complicated, however,, is a great resource to allow for this discovery of physics. Https:// is the place where physics learning takes place in the form of tutoring from an award-winning lecturer, Mr. Tony Chee. Physics tutoring from this website is proven to be beneficial – nearly 200+ students ask for help each year, with 80% of the group improving their grades by 2 grades or more. The lecturer, Mr. Chee, is part of the Institute of Physics (IOP), Singapore. Many famous Physicists have their ties to Singapore, including Albert Einstein and Paul Dirac. He is well-versed in his backgrounds of Physics and Education. He came in First Class with Honours in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Birmingham, UK and is currently a Physics Ph.D. Candidate at Cambridge University, in the UK. Currently, he is offering to tutor in Secondary 3, Secondary 4, Junior College 1 (JC1), Junior College 2 (JC2) and Integrated Programme (IP). Mr. Chee employs a unique methodology when approaching this method of physics discovery. He presents real-world applications of Physics concepts, uses a database of Junior College (JC) resources, and provides exam techniques needed for students to receive an A in their specific course examinations. Mr. Chee is also very flexible in his post-tutoring involvement. He allows for Whatsapp and email communication for those after-hours worries.