A Very Romantic Anniversary Celebration

I was trying to decide what I wanted to do for my 20th anniversary. My wife means everything to me, and I wanted to make sure she felt like the most important person in the world on our special day. I found a link that said to click here for more info when I looked at some romantic options, and it helped me create the most memorable 20th anniversary night ever. It was a link to a limo company, and I knew that was the answer as soon as I saw the different limos on the page.

It was just a night for the two of us, as my sister already agreed to watch the kids for a few days. I decided to give my wife the full day, since she knew that she was going to be treated to something nice anyway. I arranged for the limo to pick her up at our house in the morning. I had to do a bit of work at the office, but the limo stopped at a small cafe near my work, and I met her there for breakfast. It was there that I outlined the day I had planned.

The limo was taking her to her beautician first for the full works. She was getting her hair and makeup done as well as a manicure and pedicure. She would then be taken to a store where she could pick out something gorgeous to wear for our dinner. By that point, my work was done, and the limo arrived at my office to pick me up. I had already changed into a nice suit, and she was gorgeous in her black velvet skirt and red blouse. We went to a small cafe that we both like a lot, and we had pasta and cheesecake. She thought the night was over after that, so she was really surprised when the limo took us to the airport. I had arranged a three day trip to a city she had been wanting to see. I just hoped I remembered to pack everything in her suitcase that the limo driver pulled out of the trunk!