A Positive Reaction to Our App

I work for the local government, and I knew that we needed to come up with something that would attract more people to the various venues in our district. I thought long and hard about this, and I decided the best way to promote our area was by having an app that was about our area. I did some research on companies that do mobile application development in Singapore, and I selected the one that I felt would be able to help us the most. I contacted them and explained what I wanted, and the development team assured me they would be able to create an app for my vision.

I knew that there had to be different facets to the app. We wanted a section where people can find restaurants, theaters, shops, and more. We also wanted people to be able to leave reviews about these places, in a respectable manner of course. All of this meant that we would have to allow people to have accounts, so they can log in and leave reputable reviews. We wanted them to do more than just that though. We thought who better to help others than the people who live here.

Because of that, we wanted to have some type of message board attached to the app. We wanted both our residents as well as visitors to be able to ask questions and provide answers about different things in the area such as the best parks, where to play ball, what time a certain gym is open on Sundays, and other things like that. So, basically, we wanted an app that shows what we have available in the district, a section to review all of that, and then another section for questions and answers. Since releasing the app on our public website, we have had such an overwhelmingly positive reaction to it!