A Great Place for Us to Live

I knew that my wife wanted to move, so I was on board with it because I want to keep her happy. It really did not matter a whole lot to me where we moved as long as the apartment complex has a fitness center right on the site, which we could find out just by looking at a complex’s website. We never considered anything other than an apartment because we just don’t know where we are ultimately going to settle down at. Living in an apartment takes away the responsibility of having to sell a home if we end up moving out of the area. Plus, apartment living is pretty cool if you are in the right complex.

I work from home, but my wife has to commute every day. When we had our last apartment, she was working almost in the same city block and could walk to work most days. She was transferred nearly an hour away though on a temporary basis that turned permanent, and the commute was just really bothering her. I knew better than to do an apartment search on my own, because she has certain things about the apartment interior that must be just right if we are going to get it. It is just a whole lot easier to let her find the apartment because of that.

When she started looking at the District South apartment complex, I knew by the look on her face that it was the one. It has nine foot ceilings, which makes it seem even larger than what it already is. The appliances are stainless steel, there is a bath as well as a walk in shower in the apartments, the closets are huge, and that is just a short list of what she likes. We even got a special deal that helped us save a significant portion of rent on our first month of being there!