A Gorgeous Apartment Was Waiting for Me

I had never stepped foot in Texas prior to accepting a job there. I know that might sound odd, but it has always been my dream to live there. I fell in love with the state at a young age when I had a pen pal from there, and my interest just kept growing through the years. I decided to take the plunge and sent out my resume to several companies there, and I even started looking at Lewisville Texas apartments because I was that confident that I would be hired on at one of them.

My confidence paid off, because I had my first interview just days after sending my resumes. The nice thing about this company was everything was done online. I had a video interview, which meant I did not have to go down there until after I was told I had the job. I had already looked at different apartments in the area and knew that I wanted to live at Bluffs at Vista Ridge. The community features here are really nice, but it is the one bedroom apartment that I saw that had my interest from the get go.

It is just a one bedroom, but it is huge. My bedroom opens up into a huge walk in closet that is bigger than my childhood bedroom almost. That then opens up into the bathroom. There is another door that takes me to the sink area, and that opens up into the washer and dryer area. There is a living room and a separate dining room, and the kitchen is in between them. There is a large study that is almost as big as my bedroom. My favorite part is the wrap around balcony that is L shaped. Moving here took courage, but it was easy enough to do with a great job and a gorgeous apartment waiting for me.