A Corporate Secretary for My Company

A company secretary is critical for the success of any company just starting out. It is a requirement by law, and I can certainly see why after I started looking into why this was a necessity for any new company. There are a lot of people who do not even realize what role a corporate secretary plays in the incorporation of a new business, and I admit that I was one on those people. When I did an online search for corporate secretarial services in Singapore, I realized that this person does more than I ever could have imagined too.

I am grateful for learning this because it really freed up a lot of concern in my own mind about moving forward with my business plan. Knowing that the company secretary files all of the important documents that are needed as well as the annual statements for finances took a lot of the worry from me. I honestly thought that I was going to have to hire someone in house to do all of this, and I was concerned with the fees associated with that since it would be at least a permanent part time position.

Rather than having to go down that route though, I was able to contract the services of a company secretary through a business that commits itself solely to that. I had my choice of three different packages, from the basic up to the premium. I looked at the time commitment for each. The Basic package was just for six months, and the premium package was for two full years. Since this is an area that I am not familiar with at all, I chose the premium so I could have access to this help for two full years. It has been such a blessing to leave this part of my company to the professionals so I can focus on building my company up even faster.