A Chiropractor is on My Healthcare Team

When I was younger, I saw a Vancouver chiropractor because of a sports injury. I was a football player on my high school team, and I got tackled hard by someone. I knew even before I hit the ground that I was going to hurt because of the way I was falling, and I was right. I stayed on the sidelines the rest of the game, but I knew that I needed to get some help because I did not want to stay there for the next few games. That is why my dad took me to a local chiropractor that first time.

I had three adjustments in a week, and I was on the field the next Friday night playing to my heart’s content. I had no further injuries during that time period, but I went back to the chiropractor when I was in a car accident a few years later. I had a bad case of whiplash, and I knew that the same chiropractor would be able to fix me up in no time. I have never been the type of person to want to take pills, which is a really good thing in today’s times.

I did not go back to the chiropractor for nearly a decade, and by that time I had three children of my own along with a beautiful wife. I was climbing the corporate ladder, and I was extremely stressed at times. I had heard that chiropractic care is good for stress, so I made another appointment. Since then, I have been going on a regular basis for adjustments, and my wife even goes now too because of how good I feel afterwards. I am a huge advocate of having a chiropractor on not only our healthcare team but on those of our friends and family too.